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Dr. Charles Platkin, PhD, JD, MPH

We made a decision to admit my 78 year old father who is a diabetic and has CVD on Monday, July 13 to South Nassau Communities Hospital. We needed EMS transport, and we were recommended to Hunter EMS.

My father was immobile and suffering with excruciating pain. He couldn't get out of bed without his body going into tremors. He has a strong personality, but was nervous, concerned and didn't want to go to the hospital.

When the Hunter EMS team arrived, we immediately felt relief - real relief. Steve and Erik were incredibly professional (which is to be expected), but they also had something that is rare - compassion, understanding, knowledge and kindness. They introduced themselves, took time to exam my dad, made him feel comfortable and figured out the best possible way to remove him from the 2nd floor without ANY pain - no easy task. But Steve and Erik did it, without even a wince from my dad. They got him into the ambulance and to the hospital. Once they arrived, they didn't just drop him of in the ER - they made sure that he was seen right away.

I want to thank you and your team for really caring which can easily be forgotten by healthcare providers. In difficult times it's important have a group who are experts and also have compassion - Hunter EMS has both.

Best regards,
Dr. Charles Platkin, PhD, JD, MPH

We most appreciate the assistance your company gave to us.

Anthony K.
Washington, DC

Valerie F. Lindenhurst, NY

I would like to take this time to write about two of your employees, David and Bolivar. They picked me up from Good Samaritan Hospital on October 29th and took me to Avalon Gardens.

I have had some very bad experiences with other EMT's from different companies. I was very nervous and upset before they came. The minute they came into my room, they made me feel very comfortable. I cannot express how well these men do their job and I feel that they are a real credit to your company. They were neatly dressed and knew their job.

I would love to do something for them. Please could you give them words of praise or anything to let them know a job well done!

Thank you,
Valerie F.
Lindenhurst, NY

>Maureen F Mineola, NY

On August 10th, my Mother, Dorothy Convey, was scheduled to be moved from Our Lady of Consolation to the MRI Center of Good Samaritan Hospital. When the paramedics, Jen and Betty, saw my mother, they were very concerned about the condition of her shoulder. I would like to thank them for the concern, care and compassion that they showed to my Mom. They were very professional and competent in the way that they handled her. Since my Mom's injury, we have not been pleased with much of the medical care that has been shown to her, both Jen and Betty showed that there are people who are in the medical field because they want to help others.

Their services were greatly appreciated. They deserve much recognition and praise for their help.

Maureen F.
Mineola, NY

Paramedic Bayshore

This is not the first time I have written a letter of appreciation to the staff of your ambulance service, having had the good fortune to have had my husband transported by your company on two previous occasions, when he was in need of the kind of professionalism your company continues to offer.

On Wednesday Evening, July 14th, my father was transferred from a Queens Hospital to St. Francis Hospital by Ben and Jermaine. It is hard to find the words with which to praise these two men for their skill at their job, as well as their compassion for my Dad and our whole family, their cheerful, confident demeanors, and their kindness. They turned a frightening situation into a much calmer one for us all. They were met with a good deal less than cooperation from the hospital staff, but they remained unruffled and polite to everyone. Ben was quick to realize that some of the information on the papers he received did not "fit the picture" of my Dad's condition, and made sure it was corrected. Jermaine helped get my father ready for the transfer with calm and gentleness.

Jermaine navigated the "bus" smoothly over the rough pavement of the LIE in a violent thunderstorm so that my father's painful back was not disturbed, and while Ben kept checking Dad's vitals, he used his wonderful sense of humor to keep us smiling and at ease in back.

They eased the entrance into St. Francis by explaining what would take place when we got there, and by helping with as much of the procedures as they could. They reassured my mother and helped to ease her stress by making her smile and laugh.

Ben even found a moment in his busy day to come and say "Hi!" to dad in his room the next day at St. Francis! Please let them know that we appreciated them so much, and pray that they may continue to help others for a long time to come.

The Konigsberg & Kolinsky Family
Bayside, NY

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